Nutritional & Health Benefits of Strawberries

Hello everyone! This week we will talk about strawberries – the superstar of summer fruits. This bright red berry is tasty, versatile, and very healthy. In the past, it was considered to be a luxury treat and a fit for royals. Nowadays you can find strawberries all year round, fresh, frozen, or dried. Me personally I prefer to eat fresh strawberries only when they are at the peak of its season. So, let’s see the nutritional and health benefits of strawberries. Strawberries ar

The Benefits of Drinking Water

Hello everyone! Yesterday I was talking to one of my clients and she mentioned that she doesn’t drink any water unless she really becomes thirsty… ☹ It made me think about it and I did a small research and I found out that a big percentage (around 65%) of the people (who have access to clean drinking water) are actually dehydrated! Well, it is super important to drink water! Adult humans are 60% water, and our blood is 90% water. This week we will see why drinking water is so

Nutritional & Health Benefits of Avocado

Hello everyone! This time we will talk about a stone fruit with a creamy texture – can you guess which one? Yes! That is right! 😊 We will talk about avocado! These days you can find avocados almost everywhere: from grocery stores and farmers market to guacamole, sushi, and chocolate pudding recipes! The interesting with avocado is that while most fruits consist primarily of carbohydrates, avocado is high in (healthy) fats. Numerous scientific researches show that avocado has

All You Need to Know about Protein - part 1

Hello everyone! Today I want to try something new! 😊 Today I want to “talk” about protein in general and not just for one specific food. In this week’s post, I will mention in short, the role of protein and why eating protein is good for you and next week I will write about how much protein should we eat every day and which food contains protein. Protein is an essential macronutrient i.e. a type of food required in large amounts in our diet. Let’s see the functions of protei

Red Red Wine - Nutritional & Health Benefits

Hello everyone! Who doesn’t love a glass of red wine with a nice dinner or with a cheese platter with good friends? And what is the best part? Red wine also happens to come with health benefits! Let’s see which those benefits are! - Red wine contains resveratrol, which is a powerful antioxidant. It is linked with many health benefits, including reduced inflammation, lower risk of heart disease and cancer, and extended lifespan. However, if you are just drinking red wine only

Nutritional & Health Benefits of Almonds

Hello everyone! This week we will talk about the nutritional and health benefits of almonds. Almonds are often referred to as nuts, but botanically they are actually very small stone fruits related to other fruits like cherries, peaches, plums, and apricots. Almonds have an impressive nutrient profile and they have been prized since ancient times and are believed to be the oldest widely grown of all “nut” crops. Me personally, I love eating them as a snack and I prefer them n

Greek Yogurt - Nutritional & Health Benefits

Hello everyone! Do you like Greek yogurt? If you ask me, Greek yogurt is the one thing I could never stop eating. When I was a baby, I was not eating the baby food that all normal kids would eat back then, but (as you can see from the photo) I was eating Greek yogurt, a looooot of Greek yogurt. Now that I am all grown up, I eat it for breakfast with oats or in my chia pudding, I eat it with my lunch and my veggies, in my souvlaki, I eat it as a snack with a drizzle of honey,

Nutritional & Health Benefits of Green Tea

Hello everyone! This week I want to talk about green tea and its nutritional and health benefits. Tea is the healthiest but also most consumed beverage in the world after water. However, only 20% of the consumed tea is green and 80% is black. What is the difference between black and green tea? It comes from the same plant called Camellia sinensis. The difference between green and black tea results from the manufacturing process. Black tea undergoes fermentation which transfor

Ginger - Nutritional and Health Benefits

Hello everyone! Ok, this week we will talk about ginger. Ginger has a unique flavor that is zesty, woody, earthy, peppery, with a kick of heat. In my opinion, ginger, like the egg, is one of the very few “superfoods” actually worthy of the term. It can be consumed fresh, as a spice (grounded), as an extract or oil, in capsules, or as a juice. I love it as a tea or in my tea, in my juice, in many cakes and cookies but also in my vegetable stir-fry, or any Asian dish. It has so

Turkey - Nutritional and Health Benefits

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great time on Christmas day and ate a lot of turkey! 😊 Why? Because turkey is a special Christmas (ok, and Thanksgiving) food and comes with amazing nutritional and health benefits. - Turkey is the king of all meats in terms of protein content, and when consumed skinless it is low in fat and therefore can help lower cholesterol levels. Quick tip; the white meat of the turkey contains more protein than the dark one. - Turkey meat is high in so

Dark Chocolate - the Black Gold

Hello everyone! Dark chocolate - no introduction is needed for this highly treasured and loved food. I am pretty sure that most of you have heard or read how great dark chocolate is. You may even have used it as an excuse to indulge yourself and give in to eating a whole bar every now and then. And at the end of the day, how awesome is it to be told that the most amazing food on planet earth is as a matter of fact healthy? But is it just a hype or is it actually the truth? We

Pomegranate - the Divine Fruit - Nutritional & Health Benefits

Hello everyone! For the next 3 weeks, I will be posting some “festive” foods related to this time of the year. This week I will post the nutritional and health benefits of pomegranate, the next week of cocoa and dark chocolate, and the last week of turkey. How is pomegranate related to this time of the year? As most of you know I am Greek, and it is common in Greece on the New Year’s Eve to throw a pomegranate on the floor and “crack” it to have a plentiful new year. Likewise

Orange -Nutritional & Health Benefits

Hello everyone! Today it is the turn of orange 😊 – my dad’s most favorite fruit. I really like oranges because I feel like they lead double lives – the flavor of the juice is sweet and at the same time sour and the peel has such a bitter and zesty flavor. But both are so unique and full of aromas. Before I start analyzing why eating orange is good for you, I was thinking to try something new this time. I will write a shorter post with the nutritional and health benefits in b

Broccoli - Nutritional & Health Benefits

Hello everyone! So, this week I will tell you all about the health and nutritional benefits of broccoli and next week we will talk about orange 😊 Broccoli, like all the Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, savoy, bok choy), is low-calorie and rich in vitamins and fiber. - As you probably know, the most publicized health benefit of broccoli is its potential to help fight cancer. Responsible for the chemoprotective properties of

Whole Grains - Nutritional and Health Benefits

Hello everyone! I have been looking forward to writing this post for some time now! This week’s nutritional and health benefits are about whole grains and, I am warning you, it will be a long post! 😊 I remember when I was young, as a school snack my mom was preparing for me and my sister sandwiches with cheese, tomato and some homemade bread - a super healthy recipe with whole wheat and whole grain rye flour. Of course, I hated it. It was not as fluffy, soft, spongy, and ref

Coconut oil: an artery-clogging poison or a superfood?

Hello everyone! As promised, this week’s nutritional and health benefits are about one controversial food – coconut oil. A couple of weeks ago I was making buckwheat pancakes for my dearest friends Thanos and Marta. For that recipe, I use coconut oil – an ingredient that was highly disapproved by my friends. So, I was curious to see what your opinion about coconut oil is. 58% of you believe that coconut oil is healthy and 42% that is unhealthy. On one hand, you have the hater

How to pick seasonal and local fruits and vegetables

Hello everyone! I went to the farmers’ market today - such a big variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, and fish! I didn’t know what to choose! Having said that, do you really know how to choose fresh fruits and vegetables? If no, here are some tips for you 😉 - Buy seasonal and local. Why? Because seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresher, tastier and more nutritious, than those out of season. Local fruits and vegetables are fresher because they do not require long

The King of the Fish - Salmon

Hello everyone! This week we will talk about the nutritional and health benefits salmon - the king of fish. Tasty, satisfying, nutritious, versatile, and with remarkable health benefits! There are many varieties of salmon, classified based on the ocean they come from. I don’t want to bore you with Latin formal naming, just keep in mind that they are found in the Pacific and in the Atlantic Ocean. So let’s see what those phenomenal benefits are! - Salmon is one of the best sou

“The smell of cinnamon is the best cure for the winter blues”.

Hello everyone! Thisweek we will talk about cinnamon! My most favorite spice! A spice full of controversies. Homely and exotic. Sweet and bitter, and sometimes even savory. But above all, extremely aromatic!!! Cinnamon means Halloween pumpkin tart, Christmas cookies, Dutch apple pie, Mexican drinking chocolate, Greek stew, Swedish kanelbullar, Moroccan lamp, American carrot cake, and so many more!!! Cinnamon is such a popular spice across the world, known for its spectacular

What is your healthy habit and what “bad” habit do you struggle cutting off?

Hello everybody! I have a question for you today. 😊 What is your healthy habit and what “bad” habit do you struggle cutting off? When I used to work in an office, I used to drink two cups of green tea, a healthy habit I completely stopped when I left my job. I have noticed that it is very easy to quit healthy habits and on the contrary, it is very hard to start a new healthy habit. I truly believe that you don’t have to start changing everything at once – it is the small cha