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All You Need to Know about Protein - part 1

Hello everyone!

Today I want to try something new! 😊 Today I want to “talk” about protein in general and not just for one specific food. In this week’s post, I will mention in short, the role of protein and why eating protein is good for you and next week I will write about how much protein should we eat every day and which food contains protein.

Protein is an essential macronutrient i.e. a type of food required in large amounts in our diet.

Let’s see the functions of protein:

- Protein helps repair and build your body’s tissues.

- Enzymes are proteins that support metabolic reactions and coordinate body functions.

- Proteins like keratin, collagen, and elastin, have structural.

- Proteins act as a buffer to maintain a proper pH in our body

- Antibodies are proteins that protect your body and keep your immune system strong.

- Proteins transport nutrient throughout the bloodstream into our entire body.

- Proteins can supply the body with energy BUT only in situations of fasting, exhaustive exercise or inadequate calorie intake (we don’t want that!!)

You may have noticed that in many of my posts regarding food and their respective nutritional and health benefit, I mention the high percentage of protein as a good thing. But why increasing protein intake is good for us? Let’s see below the reasons 😊

- Protein helps your body repair itself after injury.

- Protein increases muscle mass and strength.

- Protein boosts metabolism and increases fat burning helps

- Protein maintain weight loss

- Protein reduces appetite and hunger levels.

- Proteins are good for your bones and your bone mass.

In short, protein is very important for your body and health. It has a structural and functional role. Why do we need to get enough protein? It is a component in every cell of our body and the building block of our musculature. Our body uses it to build and repair our tissues, to make enzymes, antibodies, and other body chemicals. Next week we will see how much and in which food can we find protein.

Have a great weekend ahead.



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