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Re-evaluating your New Year's Resolutions - still 3.5 months to go!

Hello everyone!

It is mid-September and I suppose everyone is already back from the summer vacation. I came back 10 days ago from 2 weeks of my definition of the perfect summer holidays – Greek islands. My husband and I went to Kimolos and Serifos this year – if you haven’t visited those islands do so it the soonest possible. Small islands, no traffic, great food, kind people and perfect beaches! It was the first time we went after two years, and you know what? We really needed that time off. Why? Because I believe that summer vacation is the perfect time to relax, recharge your “batteries” and re-evaluate your goals for the rest of the year.

Do you remember at the beginning of the year the New Year’s resolution? How is it working for you?

I want to share with how 2019 is going for me so far and what new goals I have for the rest of the year. My goals for 2019 were:

- Eat more fruits.

o I have nailed it! I am eating much more fruits than I used to. I am having 5 portions of fruit every single day.

- Do not add extra salt to your food.

o It is going very well. I have managed not to add extra salt to my cooked meal.

- I want to eat more fish and less red meat!

o It is a work in progress! I am eating much less red meat but to be honest I haven’t managed to increase the fish consumption. I am very picky with fish – I want it to be super fresh, so this is making it a bit hard for me to stick to this goal because I can’t always find good and fresh fish. But I want to work on that, and I will!

- Eat with no distraction!

o As I said at the beginning of the year, I have successfully managed not to eat in front of the TV, but I still have this annoying habit of eating with my mobile in my hand. So, this still needs some work!

- Start running

o I started running and I just love it!

- Re-start learning Dutch

o So, I re-started Dutch and it is going very well… The only teeny tiny thing that I have to do is basically go off my comfort zone and start talking outside the class. Scaryyyy…but I can do this!

- Read more books.

o I read two books already and I started a new one…I wouldn’t say I am a bookworm but at least I am on track with the promises I gave to myself.

What are the goals I am putting to myself for September onwards?

- Eat more fish.

- Eat without distractions (still).

- Speak Dutch more.

- Avoid using my mobile 30 minutes before I go to bed.

It is very important to put to yourself achievable goals. Do you know how satisfying and rewarding it is to go through your list and check your goals out one by one? I have managed to check out 6/7 and it is not yet the end of the year! So, if I have managed to do so, so can you!!! We still have 3.5 months to the end of the year!

We can do it!





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