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Tips to healthy binge eat

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned on my previous post, it is very important to eat healthy during this difficult period. Basically, let me rephrase that…It is important to always eat healthy more so nowadays.

Most of us are working from home now, which can make it easier to binge eat. I would suggest sticking to your own routine, the one you already had while you were working in the office. If that is difficult for you and your mind is set on the fridge, here are some suggestions for you:

- Drink water and drink tea (herbal, green, ginger, mint or anything else you like)

- Eat carrot, celery, cucumber sticks and/or cherry tomatoes

- Eat fruits and mainly berries, mandarins, and green apples

- Eat rice waffles (up to max. 4 – and only if you like them and you don’t think they taste like Styrofoam)

- You can have a handful of nuts (unroasted and unsalted)

- Eat dried fruits BUT don’t overdo it – have 3-4 dates ONLY if you don’t have access to fresh fruits.

All that snacks are healthy and unprocessed. I would highly recommend avoiding chips, pretzels, crackers, chocolate bars, gummy bears etc. The easiest way to do it, just don’t buy them! 😊



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